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Valle Camonica is one of the most extensive valleys in the central Alps, in eastern Lombardy, and covers about 90 km from Pisogne on Lake Iseo reaching Passo Tonale.

Valle Camonica is world famous for its extraordinary richness and variety of rock engravings, which were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979, as the first Italian site. It is a charming and really unique, evocative place, where man and the environment have interacted since Prehistoric times, characterising it as the “Valley of Signs”.

In fact, between one visit and another, visitors will not want to miss the chance to have a walk on the banks of Lake Iseo, perhaps stopping off to taste the famous local cheeses and olive oil at an inn. Anyone who needs relaxation can pop into the highly equipped spa facilities whereas the excursions and ski slopes will welcome the more sporty and adventurous visitors to Temù, Pontedilegno and Passo Tonale.